Sat Shree & New Dharma Revealed

A Project of some of Sat Shree’s Former Students

We were initially drawn to work with Sat Shree for a variety of reasons. For some, the energetic impact experienced from contact with Sat Shree was compelling: his energy seemed to enliven the spiritual quest for them although others felt nothing. Some students were attracted to the study of the Bhagavad Gita with a contemporary interpretation. Others, those with a devotional, “bhakti” orientation, were drawn to work with a spiritual teacher they could revere. Many were drawn to the idea of building a dharma-based spiritual community where we could share our aspiration, our vision, and our talents. Wonderful people were drawn into Sat Shree’s orbit. Unfortunately, those who were especially “light and bright” were often turned off by Sat Shree and his wife Satyamayi’s unrefined human natures. Wise, loving women were not allowed to share their talents because of issues of jealousy and control. New Dharma was found by many to be another disheartening spiritual endeavor.

Disappointment and Trauma

Sadly, we discovered that Sat Shree was not in integrity with his word. We also discovered that what he called the “Sat Force” was an ego-based energetic force that could stimulate but also bind his students. Over time, he presented his “attainment” in more and more inflated ways. Sat Shree began to represent himself as a “living realized Sat Guru”—perhaps an avatar of Krishna. He desired a world mission and began to actively look for sources of money in those who came around him to help him achieve his goals. His efforts to obtain large donations were found to be manipulative to the point of psychological abuse. His personal advice to students was sometimes just bad, other times self-serving and distorted, and could be quite traumatic. We discovered that a vision of true community was not shared by Satyamayi, also New Dharma’s Executive Director, and the Washoe Valley became a transient retreat center. Satyamayi’s influence grew out of proportion to what was viewed as appropriate for a person with her characterological issues.

Many of us left several years ago and we made no protest nor effort to make these perceived shortcomings public. We wanted to believe that Sat Shree and the organization had learned and grown after initial legal action led to the return of contributions in excess of $700,000. But, when a continued pattern of manipulation and a contested “donation” of $900,000 was recently made public, we could be silent no more.

The What and Why of the Website

This website provides information about Sat Shree: his history and purported “enlightenment”, the true nature of the “Sat Force” (that seductive force that many find exciting and inspiring), details of his manipulations to obtain large donations, his flawed advice to students, his failure to be in authority and integrity, and more.   

It is our hope that spiritual aspirants considering aligning with Sat Shree will use this information as they make decisions about where and how to seek spiritual inspiration, guidance, and community. Every individual’s experience is unique. But we share this information and these patterns to assist seekers in their spiritual discrimination, and to provide a caution for any who chose to follow Sat Shree. 

Please also see the public Facebook Group, Sat Shree & New Dharma Revealed Discussion Group, where you will find first person accounts of experiences with Sat Shree and New Dharma.