Open Letter to Potential Students

An Open Letter to those considering working with Sat Shree

This is one seeker/finder’s opinion. I had been drawn to Sat Shree and his teachings by his presence, his ability to articulate spiritual principles, his focus on placing attention on the body and what is shifting in it, and the transmission of energy. In many ways I view Sat Shree as a gifted teacher, with much to offer students. Yet after four years of experiences with Sat Shree, including moving to Washoe Valley and participating in many satsangs and attending retreats at Lake Tahoe in the United States and Rishikesh and Tiruvannamalai in India, I see the necessity of warning potential students about some of Sat Shree’s behaviors.  There is a need to be careful about his solicitation to donate large amounts of money and his urgings to cut off personal and family relationships.

My sincere hope is that Sat Shree will heed all the constructive criticisms that have been offered and make some fundamental changes to how he describes himself and his mission, as well as the instructions he gives students. These include returning donation money for those who felt pressured to donate, ceasing to call himself an enlightened guru, and to stop interfering with students’ personal lives. Thus far he has done none of this, but if he does so, I wish him well.

Thanks,  Brian